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on 26/01/2017

A great authentic experience! So much to do, but at a relaxing pace. Walk through the villages and interact freely with the locals. Visit the Chagga underground tunnels, waterfalls (walk and swim), lunch, coffee farms, de-husk  roast and crush your own coffee and drink it, a live museum - which was amazing by the way. Oh, and a stop at a banana beer bar on the way home.

Twende Kwetu Kijijini
Experience authentic village life

3 day Marangu Village and Waterfall Tour

Get the real feel of local life

Delicious home - cooked meals in an authentic Chagga house.

Waterfalls - Explore the natural beauty of the slopes of Mt.Kilimanjaro to the waterfalls.

Chagga Live Museum - Include a reconstruction of a thatched Chagga house with livestock inside, traditional Chagga tools, farm equipments, ropes made tree balk, genealogical history of the Chagga etc

Colorful Local Market - Marangu is the largest market for the sale of bananas in the country.

Chagga Blacksmiths - Learn about ageold indigenous tools made of iron. These include hoes, machetes etc. 

Banana Beer - Drop into a local bar (Chagga bar) and drink the traditional "mbege" drink made from millet and banana.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Viewpoint - On clear day you can get magnificent views of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Underground Tunnels - Traditionally used by the Chagga people to hide from the enemies, the caves have partitions like kitchen, sleeping room, mortuary, livestock and ambushing chamber.

Coffee and Banana Farms -Majority of villagers are subsistence farmers, practicing cultivation on crops like coffee, banana, beans, yams, etc.

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