21 Days Youth Adventure Safari
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A well balanced trip targeting high school students in order to engage them positively in a fun atmosphere to discover their true north.

It’s Fun, it’s Adventurous, it’s Educative!!!

Positively engaging teens during the holiday season....

Trip Highlights

•  Nairobi to Arusha by Shuttle Bus via Namanga Border. Overnight at Corridor Springs Hotel – Orientation of the trip and Life Skills Programme.

•  Visiting the East Africa Community Headquarters in Arusha to understand it’s importance and opportunities it provides and Arusha Town Tour.

• EcoBoma Camp - Our Eco Boma camp located just 3 Kms to the shores of Lake Manyara and positioned at the edge of Migungani (acacia tree) forest and the plains of Lake Manyara where wild animals roam freely at night and Masai cattle graze in the plains by day. Activities here include Cycling, Maasai Culture Interaction and Hiking to Lake Manyara.

• Ngorongoro Crater - also known as the “Garden of Eden”. It’s a breath-takingly area and the best place in Tanzania to see the Big Five. Ngorongoro is one of the world’s most astonishing and renowned natural wonders. 

• Travel on Luxury bus to Dar es Salaam via Bagamayo which was a Centre for East African Slave Trade. Visit the Roman Catholic Mission Museum. See exhibits of slave trade and prehistory of Bagamoyo, Indian and Arab door frames, and shackles, chains and whips used during slave trade, and many local wood crafts.


• Luxury Boat Express to Zanzibar. Overnight at Stone Town, Tembo Hotel. Stone Tour: - Sultan Palace, Forodhani Gardens, Slave Market, Spice Tour and Beach Activities and Water Sports. etc.



• Flight Back Home



This is essentially a walking safari but on the last 3 days we are supported by camels. An authentic program for activity adventure safari lovers, we set off to Lake Nakuru for some game viewing then climb the nearby Menengai Crater to the crater floor, visit coffee and tea farms for some agri-tourism aspects. The day trip to Aberdares national park gives us a chance to view some awesome deep falling waterfalls. Finally we do the the camel safari. Being on top of a camel offers a different view of the terrain, flora and fauna in the region we visit. The camels form a train as we are led from one mobile camp to another over the 3 day trek.

Day  1: Early morning transfer to Lake Nakuru National Park for a full day game drive. Lake Nakuru national park is a world famous bird and rhino sanctuary. Millions of flamingos paint this lake with its shimmering pink colour. Other birds include pelicans, ostrich, marabou, ibis, eagles, vultures, woodpeckers, touracos, barbets, among others.  Apart from the bird life, Lake Nakuru is abundant with wild game including lions, leopard, rhinos, impalas, gazelles, eland, zebra, buffalo, and giraffe. Here you have unmatched chances of spotting the rare Rhinos and leopards than in most of the other parks. Overnight at Lake Nakuru Lodge Campsite.

Day  2: After breakfast we go on a walking safari down to the floor of Menengai Crater. We explore and enjoy scenery and the nature trails of the Menengai hills and the Menengai Crater. The Crater is one of the largest calderas of the world; it is an extinct volcano covering an area of 90 sq. Km with 12 km in diameter and 485 metres in depth. The summit of the crater is 7,474 ft (2,278 m.)A.S.L It’s so picturesque and we will get a splendid opportunity to take memorable photos. After lunch we visit a nearby coffee and tea estate and engage in picking activities and learn the process they go through before reaching our tables. Sandai Farm Cottages for overnight.

Day  3: Do a Day  trip to Aberdare National Park. Aberdare National Park is home to the second largest population of black rhinos, which are an endangered species. Other animals that may be observed in the park include African lions, leopards, baboons, and black and white Colobus monkeys and Sykes monkeys. Over 250 species of birds, including hawks, goshawks, eagles, sunbirds and plovers are found here. The park also boosts of magnificent waterfalls falling 100s of metres. Overnight again at Sandai Farm Cottages, a beautiful farmstay/lodge.

Day  4: Visit Sweetwater’s Game sanctuary for a rich Game viewing drive. Animals here include the big 5 leopard, elephant, buffalo, lion and the endangered black rhino. We then drive on to the camel safari base camp in Tumaren Ranch. Tumaren is a stunning 3,000 acre property dedicated exclusively to the management and conservation of wildlife. With 360 degree sweeping views of Mount Kenya to the South and the vast Frontier District to the North, Tumaren is a window onto the romantic wilds of northern Kenya. By managing the security of several neighbouring conservation areas, Tumaren is also blessed with healthy numbers of game and predators. Overnight in Comfortable supported Mobile Camp.

 Day  5:  After a hearty breakfast begin camel supported walking safari. We see tall rocky outcrops in the distant. The tall rocky outcrop will be visible for miles before we arrive. They have been used for millennia by hunters and others seeking shelter. Ancient graves, flints and pounding stones called boluses are all in evidence around the rocks. We will be camped beside the outcrop and in the evening after a jaunt about we will scale its slopes for a view and a sundowner. Comfortable supported Mobile Camp at Nayasura.

Day  6:  From  Nayasura walk north towards Nyarara Camp. The remainder of the safari traverses a rich Acacia bush country that thrives with plains game as well as the predators that like to eat them. It is not uncommon to run into a Lion, Leopard, Hyena or Wilddog along the course of this safari. Optional visit of a local and authentic Laikipia Masai homestead (130$ extra). O/N camping Nyarara.

 Day  7: Conclude the Camel Safari then drive back to Nairobi with a lunch stop en-route. Overnight at Rock House Guest Home or drop off at your next destination. 

Ecoboma Camp Excursion

Written by on 21/02/2017

Day 1: This safari starts either in Arusha or Ecoboma Camp in Mto Wa Mbu. After breakfast we drive to Tarangire National Park. The sixth largest national park in Tanzania, Tarangire, like Ecoboma Camp, is located in Manyara Region. The Tarangire River attracts many wildlife during the dry season. Thousands of migratory Zebras and wildebeest concentrate this park also famous for high density of elephants and baobab trees. Over 550 bird species have also been recorded making it an ornithologists paradise. Other wildlife include waterbuck, giraffe, dikdik, impala, eland, Grant's gazelle, vervet monkey, banded mongoose, olive baboon, African lion, leopard, cheetah, caracal, honey badger, and African wild dog. Watch out for the white giraffe spotted here in 2015. Dinner and overnight at our Ecoboma’s camp just 2kms from the shores of Lake Manyara in Mto wa Mbu. Sleep in either cottages, huts or spacious triple rooms. The Ecoboma Campsite has modern toilet and shower block with hot and cold showers. 

Day 2: Early morning (Dawn) cycling excursion to the shores of Lake Manyara. We will be riding among migratory wildlife in an migration corridor with close viewing of Zebras and other grazers. At the lake shores we have an awesome moment viewing the various species of birds the habitate in the alkaline lake. We return to camp for relaxing mid morning to lunchtime. Afternoon exploring the cultural melting pot that is Mto wa Mbu village. We leisurely walk through farmlands and villages paying attention to the various income generating projects e.g the carvers and other community projects supported by IntoAfrica Ecotravel. Dinner and drinks around a campfire. Overnight at Ecoboma camp.

Day 3: This morning with our picnic lunches, we set off for the Ngorongoro crater and descend to its floor for a memorable game viewing session. The caldera of Ngorongoro marks the ancient walls of a collapsed volcano with a circular crater that is 20kms in diameter and with steep walls of over 2,000 feet stretching out to over 7,500 feet above sea level - home to over 25,000 herbivores and a proportionately high density of predatory cats.  Because of permanent water supply and a precise balance of predator and prey, most of the wildlife remains here year-round, you can expect to see lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippos, flamingos, jackals, rhinos, antelopes and many more animal species and birds. We will have a full day game drive in the park and later retire back to our camp in Mto wa Mbu for a well deserved Tanzanian BBQ dinner.

Day 4: Breakfast at Ecoboma Camp. End of service. 


1-2 pax - USD. 700

3-4 pax - USD. 600

5-6 pax - USD. 550

7 + pax - USD. 535.

* Not included transport after breakfast on day 4. However we can arrange public transport back to Arusha at only USD. 5.

* Minimum of 2 pax required for trip to takeoff.

This tour program design to empower young people to grow into the best version of themselves. It equips the participant with experiential life skills learning in a highly interactive atmosphere while touring the various destinations.The program includes culture and wildlife experiences, game drives,  safaris , trekking to the highest mountain in Africa  Kilimanjaro, touring the blood lake (Natron), cycling and fishing in Lake Manyara.

Designed to help the youth discover the true north of there life cycle


Target Age Group:  17 -  21 yrs old.

Day 1:  Travelling to our Arusha and spend rest of day familiarizing to the area. Overnight at Comfortable hotel | lodge or hostel.

Day 2: Briefing of the program and meeting with all the team comprising instructors,  drivers guides, cooks and waiters. Followed by preparation training kit. Overnight at Comfortable hotel | lodge or hostel.

Day 3: Activities today include trekking in Arusha National Park and Arusha tour. Our instructors takes us through topics covering “Stages of life”and “Me and my assets” Theme : Personal Development. Overnight at Comfortable hotel | lodge or hostel.

Day 4: Another special day where we cover topics such as “Choosing positive values” and “Understanding mental models”. Visit East Africa Community headquarters in Arusha for insights on it’s operations. The theme today is Personal Development. Overnight at Comfortable hotel | lodge or hostel.

Day 5: We are ready for an exciting day trekking over 3 hours on Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa’s hghest mountain) up to Mandara Hut (2700m) where we will  overnight. Our instructors guide us on how to  deal with “stress and emotions” plus “surviving tough times” . The theme today is Personal Development. Overnight at Mandara Hut on the forested slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Day 6:  Our second day on the mountain and we trek further to Horombo Hut 3720m. The trek takes approximately 5 hrs.  Today we learn about  “active listening” and “positive communication” 
Theme: Interpersonal Development. Overnight at Horombo Hut.

Day  7: The third day of our Mount Kilimanjaro adventure and we descend down to the Marangu gate and later drive back to Arusha. We will also be guided on “Positives and negatives”, “Problem Solving” and the power of “Collobarations”. The theme today is Interpersonal Development. Overnight at Comfortable hotel | lodge or hostel.

Day 8: At our Arusha base we learn about “Setting goals - Basics” and “Action Plans”. The rest of the day is spent in relaxation and reflections. The theme today is setting goals and actions plans. Overnight at Comfortable hotel | lodge or hostel.

Day 9: Game tour of Tarangire National Park famed for it’s large herds of big elephants roaming freely in the park. In the meanwhile we learn about “Steps of Action”. 
The theme today is setting goals and actions plan. Overnight at Ecoboma Camp located on the shores of Lake Manyara at Mto wa Mbu.

Day 10: Full day at Ecoboma Camp with lots of camp activities. We also cover “Setting priorities” and “managing time”  and have time for relaxation and reflections around a bonfire.  The theme today is setting goals and actions plansOvernight at Ecoboma Camp.

Day 11:  A second day learnig about “setting priorities and managing time” intermixed with exciting campside and team building activities. Dinner around campfire.
The theme today is setting goals and actions plans
Overnight at Ecoboma Camp.

Day 12: Day 3 at Ecoboma Camp learnig about “setting priorities and managing time”. Other activities today include Cat fish fishing expedition and swimming at a nearby lodge. Dinner around camp fire.The theme today is setting goals and actions plans
Overnight at Ecoboma Camp.

Day 13: Another game tour but this time to the nearby Lake Manyara Park an ornithological paradise famous for it’s tree climbing lions. Our instructors enlighten us on “Understanding Leadership” also on this day. Dinner and  campfire.
Theme: Teamwork and Leadership
Overnight at Ecoboma Camp.

Day 14: Full day of Tanzanian Masai Cultural activities. The Maasai are one of the few tribes in Africa whose culture has stood the test of time despite pressures of civilisation. We trek with Masai warriors and visit there homestead and have lunch with them. Theme: Teamwork and Leadership
Overnight at Ecoboma Camp.

Day 15: Today we engage on a cycling adventure and also learn about “My leadership role”. Later in the evening we relax around campfire and reflect on the program thus far.
Theme: Teamwork and Leadership
Overnight at Ecoboma Camp.

Day 16:  Lake Natron hiking Excursion - Wild and remote Lake Natron lies in the northeast of Tanzania in between the Ngorongoro Highlands and Serengeti plains at the base of Africa`s only active volcano Oldonyo Lengai (Mountain of God). Lake Natron is one of the most alkaline lakes in the world and is hauntingly beautiful.We also learn about “Project cycles”
Theme: Teamwork and Leadership
Overnight at Lake Natron - Camping.

Day 17: An adventurous climb of Mount Lengai given the recent volcanic activities as we learn about “Project cycles”
Theme: Teamwork and Leadership
Overnight at Lake Natron - Camping.

Day 18: Back to our base - EcoBoma Camp and learn about “Representing our project” and preparations for activities with parents. There is a celebratory mood as the participants have completed the Lifeskills Training Program.
Theme: Teamwork and Leadership
Overnight at Ecoboma Camp.

Day 19: We are joined by parents who have managed to make the trip. The main activity today is “Bonding with our parents”.
Theme: Welcome our parents
Overnight at Ecoboma Camp.

Day 20: Full day Game drive in Ngorongoro Crater full day and evening cycling or hiking option to Lake Manyara. Enjoy an authentic Tanzania BBQ (Nyama Choma) dinner tonight.
Overnight at Ecoboma Camp.

Day 21: Travelling back home - End of Prgram.

Costing from USD. 1500 per person for East Africa Citizens
or USD. 1000 for Non Residents.

 Minimum 10 pax required for program to run.

*International flights not included.

 The price will include

  • All local transport
  • Accommodation shared at Hotel / Guesthouse /Camping
  • All meals (Breaksfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Guides and Instructors fees
  • All activities at the lodge

An Motivational Inspritional and Experential (MIE) adventure tour program for participants to “Discover the true North of their life cycle and the best version of themselves” through “personal development life skills”  as conducted by our experienced instructors and guides. The parents are encouraged to join us on the last day of the program.



"Designed to discover the true north of your life cycle"


Target Age Group:   14 -  21 yrs old.


• Skywalking • Mountain Biking • Horseback riding • Day trip to Mt Kenya  (Old Moses camp - 3300m) • Walk in Mt. Kenya game park • Fishing  • Bonfire


Day 1: Transfer to the Mt Kenya region with detour to Ol Pejeta Game Reserve.  Dinner and overnight at our Mountain Rock Bantu Lodge located on the lower forested slopes of Mount Kenya .

Day 2: Full day activities at the lodge.  Our theme today is “Me and My Asserts”. Dinner and overnight at our Mountain Rock Bantu Lodge

Day 3: We explore the Mt. Kenya forest and moorland zones to the first camp OldMoses camp - 3300m. loacted along the popular Sirimon trail.  Todays Theme is “Stages of life”. Dinner and overnight at our Mountain Rock Bantu Lodge.

Day 4: Full day activities at Bantu lodge. Theme “Self-confidence” .Dinner and overnight at our Mountain Rock Bantu Lodge

Day 5: An exciting game walk in Mount Kenya  where we would probably see  elephants, buffalos, tree hyrax, white tailed mongoose, suni, black fronted duiker, mole rat, bushbucks, water buck and Elands. Animals rarely seen include leopard, bongo and the giant forest hog. Over 130 bird species have been recorded.Our theme today is “Manage stress and emotion”.  Dinner and overnight at our Mountain Rock Bantu Lodge

Day 6: Full day activities at the Bantu Lodge.  Today parents who are able to make time arrive and join in the activities . Theme “Surviving tough times” . Dinner and overnight at our Mountain Rock Bantu Lodge

Day 7: We reflect on the impact of the program and after lunch depart to the next destination.

Costing from   USD. 330 per person for East Africa Citizens or USD. 750 for Non Residents.

Required Minimum booking of10 pax for program to run.

Not Include:-

 *International flights not included.

The price will include

- All local transport

  •  Accommodation shared at Mountain Rock Bantu lodge
  •  All meals (Breaksfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  •  Guides and Instructors fees
  • All activities at the lodge

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Written by on 07/05/2013

Kilimanjaro. The name itself is a mystery wreathed in clouds. It might mean Mountain of Light, Mountain of Greatness or Mountain of Caravans. Or it might not. The local people, the Wachagga, don't even have a name for the whole massif, only Kipoo (now known as Kibo) for the familiar snowy peak that stands imperious, overseer of the continent, the summit of Africa.

Mountain Biking

Written by on 26/01/2017

A low impact Cycling challenge that circumnavigates the entire circumference of Mount Kenya. This challenge offers cycling enthusiasts an unmatched active holiday alternative in Kenya. Our mapped route around Mount Kenya is set up with the rider’s maximum safety in mind and planned to avoid riding through any busy highways or populous town centres while offering great insights into the contrasting flora/fauna and tribes living around Mount Kenya.  Accommodation throughout the mountain bike trek is either in mobile camps (supported) or use of local lodges found along the route. This challenge is suitable for accomplished mountain bikers capable of completing the course and also for amateurs or riders doing it for fun. 

Let's go to our village

Written by on 26/01/2017

A great authentic experience! So much to do, but at a relaxing pace. Walk through the villages and interact freely with the locals. Visit the Chagga underground tunnels, waterfalls (walk and swim), lunch, coffee farms, de-husk  roast and crush your own coffee and drink it, a live museum - which was amazing by the way. Oh, and a stop at a banana beer bar on the way home.

Camelback Adventure Safaris

Written by on 07/05/2013

Camel safaris are the ultimate wilderness experience. They allow you to go deep into the heart of the bush where you can observe closely giraffes, zebras and many other animals without sitting in a vehicle all day, track elephants on foot and get in touch with the local communities that are perfectly knowledgeable of their rich cultural and natural heritage.